Podcast #44 – New Okanagan Wine Map

Finally! There is now a map that has wineries, golf courses, as well as streets and roads on it. The wineries, which are all clearly named, are shown on the very side of the road where they actually exist!

It’s truly amazing that we’ve all gotten along fine with rough schematics and cartoon maps that sort of show where each winery is roughly located. What where they thinking? “Mistral and Stonehill are close enough to downtown Penticton, so why not put their little dot right near downtown Penticton on the map. Then when people are looking for them, they’ll go to downtown Penticton and find that the wineries are in fact a couple clicks outside of town up on the bench land to the east by following the wine route signs. And since there are a lot of wineries around there, let’s put their names on the other side of the lake and then draw a little line to their dot to be more clear.”

Bunk. I’ve given directions to wineries to enough people to know that cartoons and schematics don’t cut it when they are planning a wine tour.

Enter A.J. (Drew) Makepeace of Environ Geomatics – a Penticton-based company that does “cartography and geospatial data processing” – who in 2004 created the Ironman map which traces the complete route of Penticton’s famous Ironman triathalon. His website offers pictures of the new wine map as well as the Ironman route map and a ‘fly-through’ of the whole route which is quite spectacular.


For the first time ever, we are having a special give away. Listen carefully at the end of the podcast to hear how you can win a copy of this amazing new winery map by Drew Makepeace at Environ Geomatics. How well do you know wine country?

Haynes Barn (Actually, it was probably his house since barns usually have bigger doors. The real Haynes barn is on the other side of the street.)