Love this wine…

I know, it’s a little bit of a broken record for me. I’ve already mentioned this wine before but it still stands out and it did again recently.

Why aren’t there more wines like this in the Okanagan? It has a little spice. It has tons of fruit. It is beautifully balanced – vibrant acidity, moderate alcohol, and wonderful fruit (did I mention that already?) It goes with everything – burgers, pork, turkey, grilled beast-of-choice, chicken and really shines well with spaghetti and Italian food (which is a tough draw for most BC reds). Most recently I tried it with an Italian hot-pot and it totally outshone a big, alcoholic, woody meritage that was also going around the table.

It also has that purity and clarity-of-fruit thing that I’ve been noticing lately among the organic wineries around the Okanagan lately. They’ve won international awards for this and past vintages of their Zweigelt and they probably will for future vintages.  This is the 2nd (or 3rd?) vintage of their Zweigelt that I have tried and this one isn’t just a happy-accident vintage.

Learn about Zweigelt here.

Kalala Organic Estate Winery.

Podcast #40 featuring Kalala Zweigelt.

As most of you already know, I seldom do wine reviews here on Wine Country BC. We include tastings for opinions on our podcasts because it’s fun but beyond that, who really cares what we think? No one knows your palate like you do, so trust it and don’t let anyone tell you that your palate is wrong. So when a wine stands out in a crowd like this one has done (a few times now) I thought it might be interesting to share that experience.

(For the more cynical people out there (like myself), I am not being paid by anyone to push any particular wine or winery as part of some grand covert social-media marketing strategy. If that were really the case, I am clearly a failing at it and having to save my pennies for every single bottle of wine for the podcasts.)