Podcast #61 – Closeup on Syrah

Syrah.    Hmmm… syrah.

There are more than a few wine makers who think that Syrah is one of the most promising red grapes for growing in the Okanagan Valley. It grows relatively easily here, is deeply colored, has a rich, full flavour, and is a popular variety worldwide.  

It must also be fairly easy to make into good wine. Even wineries who’s wines I don’t especially enjoy will be able to make a reasonable syrah.  

When it is done right, Syrah even has the power to make one’s vocabulary wander. Jeanette found the Painted Rock Syrah ’07  (in Podcast #31) to be utterly phrase-inspiring. This finely cellared example of Nk’Mip’s Syrah also fits that category and this time, it’s Amber’s vocabulary that wanders…

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