Podcast #62 – Cellaring your BC Wine

Why bother? Nobody really keeps a collection of apple juice of various varieties, styles and seasons for a long time, so why bother with wine? Is there a benefit?

Just like the convenience of buying things in bulk so that you can make less trips to the store, having wine always on hand can make life a little more enjoyable. It’s convenient to have a small stock of wine on hand in case the closest liquor store is closed or not easily accesible. And the stores that are open at all hours might not have that special bottle of Clos du Soleil that would go great with the impulsive last minute dinner party plans.  

Collecting wine is easy, doesn’t have to take a lot of space, and can be fun. Amber tells us what to expect with aged wines, why to age them and how BC wines can be affected by age.

7 thoughts on “Podcast #62 – Cellaring your BC Wine

    1. winecountrybc

      I’m going to look into this one. It looks like there’s a free level and a paid level. Are you paying for yours so far? How is it working?

      1. Darren

        Paid gives you more features like pro scores and Community average value.
        I tried to make a donation, but it didn’t like my CC…. Ill try again with my wife’s card. 🙂

        Its really powerful, with lots of neat features. Made by an ex Microsoft guy.
        And as I mentioned on facebook a while ago, You can access all of yours and the communities data with an iPhone app called cork.z. So when you are out buying wine you can scan the bar-code and get community scores etc.. Scanning Doesn’t usually work with BC wines though. Nobody outside of BC knows about our wine.. lol

        Definitely give it a try, you will LOVE it

  1. Interesting podcast, thanks; I enjoy them every time and they’re great to listen to at work while doing data entry! The issue of synthetic corks is a tricky one, as you often can’t tell what’s in the bottle after the foil has been applied. I post my cellar contents on my blog; have a look – I’d love to hear your feedback as I’m just beginning to build a collection of BC wine.

    1. winecountrybc

      Hey Russell, great blog you have there! Quite a collection and well stocked with lots of great BC wine. It is too bad about the Lang winery’s demise. But there is no shortage of great riesling in the Okanagan – check out Tantalus, Sperling, Wild Goose and 8th Generation. I see your cellar is mostly stocked with chards but rieslings can go the distance too. Cheers from Wine Country!

      1. If only those oversized Alsation flutes often used for Riesling would fit anywhere! I can’t even put them in the wine fridge most of the time as the door won’t close!

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