Podcast #68 – Welcome Spain to BC!


This week, in honour of the special guests from Spain who are in BC to pour wine for the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival, we’ve replaced our regular Amber with Ambré.  She will guide you through the world of Spanish wine varieties that are grown in BC by some very adventurous vignerons in the Okanagan.

We are breaking with our tradition slightly by not tasting a BC wine in favour of a Spanish one. This was not the plan however. We ran out of time on the day that we’d planned to record this episode and drank the original wine (a lovely 2007 Tempranillo from D’Angelo in Naramata) with dinner that night. (The cork just slipped out, honest…) At the next recording session, aquiring another D’Angelo Tempranillo was not possible, so we opted for a Spanish wine – which seemed oddly fitting considering the topic.  

3 thoughts on “Podcast #68 – Welcome Spain to BC!

  1. Wayne Maglio

    First of all Luke, I think you should tell us more about the D’Angelo so you should spring for another bottle and open the next segment with a tasting comparison to the Pergolas.

    Secondly, does Amber’s voice usually melt the listeners or is it just me?

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