Feature Interview with John Schreiner

If there is anyone who knows more about BC wine and the evolution of the wine industry than John Schreiner, please let me know. It is unlikely you will find anyone who has followed the industry in BC so closely for so long and with so much enthusiasm. He championed the wine industry in Canada at a time when there were very few wines of which to be proud. As the wine industry progressed through its metamorphosis into the renowned wine region we know today, John Schreiner was there to witness it all first-hand.

And throughout it all, it was the people he met – wine makers and winery owners – who were the primary focus of his books and articles. Modest grape growers, making his or her first vintage, as well as epic visionaries, who dared to imagine the Okanagan Valley as a world-class wine destination, were all included into the narrative of Mr. Schreiner’s books as he documented the creation of the wine industry as we know it today.

In this special podcast interview, Mr. Schreiner talks candidly about his impressions of BC wine and the people who make it. Enjoy!

(This interview was too long for one episode so I have broken it down into 3 parts.)

Podcast #73 – Part 1

Podcast #74 – Part 2

John Schreiner’s new book that he talks about in this interview, “John Schreiner’s Coastal Wine Tour Guide”, is now available from Whitecap Books. Check out his blog for more information.

Podcast #75 – Part 3