Things are happening…

Hey folks, just a quick post here to let you know that I have not in fact dropped off the face of the earth. After a good couple months of solid activity here on Wine Country BC’s blog, February has not produced the same quantity of thoughts / rants / wine discussion as the previously prolific trimester. Rest assured, my muse still inspires me, however there has been some developments in the form of a large project which I hope to announce in the coming months. This is what has been occupying the better part of my time (along with dealing with people who have been stealing my articles, ostensibly for my benefit through exposure). The articles will continue shortly and I’ll be able to return to my regularly scheduled ranting.

I hope to continue with the podcasts as well however they take up even more time and so will likely be less frequent. (Unless anyone wants to help me out with that? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?… )

Cheers from wine country!