Who listens to podcasts these days?

Podcasts have been around for well over a decade now. When I first started producing the Wine Country BC podcast in 2009, it was not new technology, but I often had to explain to people how to listen to them. Apple released the Podcasts app beginning with the iPhone 4 and podcasts started to take off, albeit slowly.

In the 5 years that I produced them, I met a ton of great people in the industry as well as a few listeners. I was always struck by the fact that there were more people willing to be on it than there were people who made time to listen to it.

So I stopped. It was taking up too much time. I was working and had started my WSET Diploma and writing Valleys of Wine. Podcasting just didn’t fit and the work that I put into it did not seem worth it. This was driven home to me when one winery owner that I interviewed ended a conversation with, “Thanks for the free publicity!” I’m sure they meant well but it felt like I was doing a lot of work for nothing.

But the weird thing is that I still love listening to podcasts, and more people are now listening to them too.

Is there anyone out there that would love to see a new version of the Wine Country BC podcast??

Do you want to hear about what is happening in BC’s wine country? Hear interviews with some of the amazing people that make the wines that you love?

Please leave a wine point score or a comment below to vote!

90+ points

This means that you’d love to hear new Wine Country BC podcasts!

80 – 89 points

This means that you might listen but overall, you don’t care. 

<70 points

That means that you don’t care if there are new Wine Country BC podcasts.

Leave a comment with your score below or on Facebook. One person from all votes will be picked at random to be a guest on a podcast (if I start production again!).

7 thoughts on “Who listens to podcasts these days?

  1. Blair G

    I’ll start with the old ones first, just to hear Aaron say, booblarries again.
    I hope you do start producing again, it’s a treat to listen when in the vineyard.

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