Podcast #44 – New Okanagan Wine Map

Finally! There is now a map that has wineries, golf courses, as well as streets and roads on it. The wineries, which are all clearly named, are shown on the very side of the road where they actually exist! It's truly amazing that we've all gotten along fine with rough schematics and cartoon maps that sort …

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Podcast #8 – Special Harvest Podcast and Jackpot Chard from Rd. 13

The grapes have been harvested for the season and the winemakers and cellar staff are busy pressing and fermenting. We talk about what goes on in the wineries at harvest time and how those grapes make it into your bottle. Join us with a great bottle of Road 13's Jackpot Chardonnay!

Podcast #3 – Black Sages, Golden Miles, and Quinta Syrah ’07

In our third installment, we talk about the two sides of the valley just south of Oliver, the Wine Capitol of Canada. On the west side, the Golden Mile with its history and diversity, and on the east side - the Black Sage bench, with its distinctive terroir. Join us for a tasting of Quinta …

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Podcasts, reviews, and opinions from the wine glass

There's a lot going on in the industry right now and it seems like it's a pivotal time in the history of our wine region. There are new wineries coming online every year, new varieties and styles, and new ideas about what the Okanagan and BC wines are capable of achieving. The most interesting thing about it at this point however, is that most of that growth has happened in a bit of a bubble.