BC Wine 101

** BC Wine 101 was produced in advance of the Wine Blogger’s Conference that was held in Penticton in 2013. A lot has changed since then. **

These are the wineries of British Columbia divided into their sub-regions. These regions are not officially recognized in any way (like an AVA or AOC) but are grouped together for reasons of geographical features or travel / touring convenience.

I have also tried to add each winery’s specialties. These are from my own observations on what I think a particular winery’s strength is and not necessarily based on what the winery’s marketing literature or “brand” is trying to project. They are basic tools to help guide you to wineries that interest you. When I get asked (often), “Which wineries should I visit?” I always respond with a question, “What kind of wine do you like?” If the answer is Burgundy or Pinot Noir, I’m not going to recommend that they go to Painted Rock because they don’t grow Pinot Noir there and their style of wine making is not Burgundian.

Each section also includes a link to each region’s BC Wine 101 podcast, recorded in the winter / spring of 2013. In addition to each winery’s website and twitter handle, links to their feature podcast or vidcast will also be included if one has been produced.

The Wineries of Okanagan Falls

The Wineries of Oliver / Osoyoos

The Wineries of the Similkameen Valley

The Wineries of Summerland

The Wineries of West Kelowna

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