Season 3

Podcast Topic Wine Download
87 Bartier Bros. Winery Link
88 Festival of the Grape Interviews 2011 Link
89 Blind Tasting: In the Cabin, Part 1 Quail’s Gate Pinot Noir 2008 Link
90 Wineries Refined with Joyce Wegner Link
91 Blind Tasting: In the Cabin, Part 2 Bartier Bros. The Cowboy 2010 Link
92 Interview with Jennifer Molgat Link
93 Blind Tasting: In the Cabin, Part 3 Aces 7 Deuce Red 2009 Link
94 Summerland Lightup the Vines Part 1 Link
95 Summerland Lightup the Vines Part 2 Link
96 Tasting Rosés BS Rose Table Wine 2010 Link
97 Interview with Steven Wyse Y&W Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon Link
98 Soaring Eagle’s Return Soaring Eagle Chard Viognier Riesling 2010 Link
99 We Get Killed by a Cab Pacific Breeze Killer Cab 2009 Link
100 Our 100th Episode Desert Hillls Ambassador Port Style Link
101 Fairview’s Sav Blanc Fairview Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 2010 Link
102 Tasting 3 Cru Traveller 2009 Link
103 Battle of the Frizzies The View Distraction Friz and 8th Gen Chard Frix 09 Link
104 Tasting Clos du Soleil Saturn 2010 Link
105 Eat Drink Tweet 2012 Lots Link
106 The Sim, Part 1: Orofino Orofino tasting with John Weber Link
107 The Sim, Part 2: Forbidden Fruit Steve Venables Link
108 Road 13 Vertical Tasting Sparkling Chenin Blanc 06, 07, 08 Link
109 Tasting a Riesling Ex Nihilo Riesling 2012 Link
110  Tasting Montaigne Chard Montaigne Old Vines Chardonnay 2011 Link
111  Exclusive – The Cellar Hand Herself Cellar Hand White Link
112  The View Pinotage The View Pinotage 2009 Link
113 Return to Saturn Clos de Soleil Saturn 2011 Link
114 Similkameen BBQ King 2012 Link
115 Wine Bloggers Conference – Part 1 Friday Morning Trade Show / Tasting Link

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