Season 2

Podcast Topic Wine Download
43 New Wineries, New Season Perseus Pinot Grigio Link
44 New Wine Map Prospect Merlot/Cabernet 2007 Link
45 Wineries of East Kelowna Spierhead Vanguard 2008 Link
46 Wine Books Antelope Ridge Merlot/Cabernet 2006 Link
47 Festival of the Grape Interviews Link
48 Closeup on Pinot Noir Eau Vivre Pinot Noir 2007 Link
49 Fortified Wines Gray Monk Odyssey III Link
50 Sustainability Series: Conscious with Jeff Weissler Link
51 BC Wine Magazines: Savour Magazine Link
52 Sustainability Series: Steve Dale Link
53 University Wines Hester Creek Cab Merlot Box NV Link
54 Wine Apps Tantalus Juvenile Pinot Noir 2008 Link
55 Sustainability Series: David Patterson Link
56 The Year that was, the year that will be Sperling Old Vines Foch 2009 Link
57 Screw Caps vs Corks Thornhaven Pinot Gris 2009 Link
58 Blind Tasting Rustico Old Vines Zinfandel 2008 Link
59 Cheese and Wine Rollingdale La Droite Merlot 2007 Link
60 Virtual Wineries White Bear Sauvignon Blanc 2009 Link
61 Closeup on Syrah Nk’Mip QQ Syrah 2006 Link
62 Wine Cellars and How BC Wine Ages Link
63 Wine Preserving Arrowleaf Merlot 2008 Link
64 Brad Cooper Interview Township 7 Merlot 2007 Link
65 Camelot Interview Camelot Pinot Blanc 2009 Link
66 Spencer Massie from Clos du Soleil Clos du Soleil GS Pinot Blanc 2010 Link
67 Kalala Interview Kalala Riesling 2008 Link
68 Spanish Wine Varieties Pedro Pergolas OV Tempranillo Crianza 07 Link
69 River Stone Winery Interview River Stone Malbec Rosé 2010 Link
70 Free My Interview Link
71 Closeup on Muscat Silk Scarf Riesling Muscat 2009 Link
72 BBQ Episode with Ronnie Shewchuk Link
73 Interview with John Schreiner Link
74 Interview with John Schreiner, Part 2 Link
75 Interview with John Schreiner, Part 3 Link
76 Blind Tasting: 4 wines on a theme Old Canadian crap Link
77 John Clerides Interview Beaumont Pinot Noir 2007 Link
78 Interview with Terry Meyer Stone Link
79 Blind Tasting: Unique on the Island Averill Creek Prevost 2008 Link
80 Closeup on Cab Franc Riverstone Cab Franc 2009 Link
81 Blind Tasting: Similkameen Eau Vivre Malbec 2008 Link
82 Blind Tasting Wild Goose Cab Wild Goose Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Link
83 Similkameen BBQ King at Grist Mill Link
84 Blind Tasting Elephant Island Elephant Island Blacberry 2010 Link
85 Non-Wine Wineries Sleeping Giant / Raven Ridge Ambrosia Link
86 Blind Tasting Stompin Ground Stompinground Riesling Icewine 2005 Link

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